Welcome to Doyle Burnett Photography. 

I started out in the film camera world some years ago with a university background in photo-journalism and the hopes of becoming a journalistic writer and photo-journalist.  As is often the case, those plans changed.  In my early career, I worked as a Water Safety Instructor, championship winning high school swimming coach, para-educator in special education, Alaska statewide special education specialist, classroom teacher and retirement in 2014.  It was time to re-group and look at turning my love of journalistic photography into something beyond a hobby.  

So - please contact me and we can work on your next adventure and develop a fun shoot together.  I will travel short distances from my hometown of Davis, if the shoot we have planned sounds interesting.  Any models or seniors that I work with will need to fill-out a model release form.

I look forward to hearing from you and setting-up your photo shoot.  All shoots will be location oriented.

All the best -